Jen is a Scottish jewellery designer, currently based in Edinburgh. Graduating from ECA in 2009, she completed one year’s residency, before setting up at the Precious Metals Workshop in Leith.


Jen creates subtle, sophisticated jewellery crafted in sterling silver and 18ct gold. The occasional introduction of semi precious stones, enamel or silk to her sensitive designs add gentle colour and lend a luxe feel to her collection. Referencing her own drawings, Jen constructs forms with a sense of composition, in delicately deceptive wire and etched sheet. Her interest in subversive pattern and hidden details, together with hand drawn elements help make each piece unique. Often obsessively detailed & intriguingly intricate, much of her collection invites closer inspection from the wearer.


Influenced by many aspects of the world around, Jen derives inspiration from a thoughtful and imaginative portfolio of drawings and photography. Hidden patterns can be found everywhere-from nature to built environment, decorative packaging to historical objects- but Jen is consistently attracted to qualities such as delicacy, gentleness and subtlety, and hopes to convey this in her designs.


Combining the creativity of her degree in design and experience gained working with a luxury jewellery brand, Jen aims to make pieces which have individual, playful qualities but are accessible and easy to wear.


All of Jen’s work is handmade in Scotland and hallmarked in Edinburgh.

Jen Brown jewellery Edinburgh